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Anti-Bullying Power Phrases

Posted: January 27, 2017

Bully denfesne tactics is a big part of what we teach at Arrow Martial Arts.  I wanted to share with you the concept behind our Bully Power Phrases.  Specific phrases designed and backed by research and real world testing are important and far more effective than "wigning it" and saying our own things.  In fact, we find students that say their own thoughts, tend to get in trouble or give the bully a built in defense when confronted by a teacher.  We practice these phrases and more i

The Stages of Bullying

Posted: January 27, 2017

There are four stages of bullying that we teach to our students at Arrow ATA Martial Arts.

1.  The bully picks on you and you ignore it.  Now keep in mind we don't mean say nothing on this stage.  Our version of ignoring the bully is using our first two bully defense power phrases.

2. The bully picks on you again and you take a stand.  In this stage we teach our students the third power phrase.  This is when we tell the bully flat out that we don't like

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